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  • Titelblatt
    Denkschrift im Auftrage der internationalen statistischen Commision
    Kőrösi, József
    Berlin : Verl. des Königlichen Statistischen Bureau's, 1874
  • Titelblatt
    dem Geheimen Medicinalrath Professor Herrn Doctor Georg Hirsch zur Feier seines fünfzigjährigen Doctor-Jubiläums am 17. December 1869 von dem Verein für wissenschaftliche Heilkunde zu Königsberg
    Schiefferdecker, Wilhelm ; Hirsch, Georg
    Königsberg : Bon, [1869]
  • Titelblatt
    comprising the reports of the analytical sanitary commission of "The Lancet" for the years 1851 to 1854 inclusive ; being records of the results of some thousands of original microscopical and chemical analyses of the solids and fluids consumed by all classes of the public ; and containing the names and addresses of the various merchants, manufacturers, and tradesmen of whom the analysed articles were purchased
    Hassall, Arthur Hill
    rev. and extended, London : Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1855