Bibliothek des Niederrheinischen Vereins für öffentliche Gesundheitspflege


The library of the Lower Rhine Association for Public Hygiene comprehends relevant literature, a large number of short brochures, smaller papers, memoirs and pamphlets with special value as source materials, and a related collection of journals. About 9000 volumes were accessible at the former city library of Cologne since 1897 and were transfered to the university clinics in 1924. Nowadays, they belong to Cologne University Library.

The stock allows an overview of the literature of this subject area between 1870 and 1914 and comprehends also private copies of the Association's co-founders Friedrich Sander of Barmen and Eduard Lent of Cologne.

Because of the poor condition of the stock and because of its value as a source for the public hygiene discussion in the 19. century, the ZB MED digitizes a large part of the collection of the Association and makes it accessible online.

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