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The Digital Collections allow open access to media from all subject areas of ZB MED - Information Centre for Life Sciences. It is also possible to download them. Mainly, items free from copyright up to 1920 will be digitized. If possible, current materials will follow.

ZB MED also grants access to content that might be considered problematic from today's perspective for the purposes of science, research and teaching. ZB MED expressly distances itself from all racist, anti-Semitic and other discriminatory content.

If using our digitized materials, please add "ZB MED - Information Centre for Life Sciences" as source.

Links beneath the title data for digitized workss lead you to downloads and to library catalogues, allowing searches for the original prints.

The notice "ACCESSIBLE IN THE DIGITAL READING ROOM" refers to titles not yet free from copyright, which can only be seen at special workplaces in the rooms of the Cologne site of ZB MED.

Also use to search - for full texts, too - the ZB MED search portal LIVIVO !

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on 31/05/2024
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    Seine Bedeutung und sein Einfluß auf Volksernährung und Volksgesundheit : Eine gemeinverständliche Besprechung des in allen Kulturstaaten patentirten Verfahrens: Brot direkt aus Korn herzustellen
    Schwarz, A.
    Dessau ; Leipzig : Rich. Kahle's Verlag, [nicht nach 1896]
on 29/05/2024
on 27/05/2024